Why you need a weight training in your life

  1. Muscles shape your body. You need toned muscles to look good. Do you know the term skinny fat? We don’t want that. And Ladies, peachy-like butt is made of muscles. Cardio won’t give you nice glutes. No one wants a pancake butt, right?
  1. Building muscles increase metabolism. The bigger muscles you have the more calories your body burns on its own. Thus, you can eat more.
  1. 30 minutes 4 days a week is enough to see results.
  1. You will protect your bones. Lifting weights increases bone density. You will thank yourself when you get older and won’t suffer from osteoporosis.
  1. You will look much better and be physically stronger when you get older. People lose muscle mass and function as they age. If you are not active, you might lose 3-5% your muscles every decade starting from you 30s! Lifting weights can stop this process.
  1. You can prevent injuries. Stronger muscles support your joints better.

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